Hey My Friend! How’s it going? I’m Dawn Ndyria Williams the owner of

Dawn Williams’s Wisdom.

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What you will find here is information on motivational, inspiration, and financial freedom tips.

If you are asking yourself questions about:

  • “How to get traffic”
  • “How can I get more leads”
  • “How can I get more customers”
  • “How can I get more sales”

Or maybe you just want info on how to learn how to do something

like building your own blog, setting up a banner ad, or using a marketing tool.

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 Here is a bit about me and how this blog can help you succeed in your Online Entrepreneur Journey

One of my mentors use to say:

“Don’t Wish Things Were Easier, Wish You Were Better”

I share this with you because I’m here to help you build better

skill-sets and start producing results in your business.


This is what it is…

The picture above is of me and my son he is my pride and joy.

He is the most important person in my life.

So I LOVE being able to spend time with my family and friends and I

want to help you do the same.

I want to help you with the simple things in building your business,(become a master at it).

and to not become so confused by the self made gurus that sell product after product

on jvzoo and clickbank.

All you have to do is request my report 5 Steps to Having a Successful Online Business Every Single Time (it’s free).

Not only am I going to share with you stragties that are going to help you build your business smarter, faster, and bigger…

But Im also going to share with you with you techniques, formulas, and strategies that are proven to work by some of the big time speakers, bloggers, and marketers around the globe.

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