Always Stay On Your Course…..and Make it Happen!

Take another path…. When we come into a roadblock what should we do? Should we wait for the roadblock to clear then continue moving on our path? Or should we just find another route and continue on our journey. I think most of you know that the latter is the best decision to make, but I just had to ask the two questions anyway to make a person think and know that there is always another choice to make or another road to take to get to our destination.

I’ve been growing over the last few months and seeing that the only way for me to not accomplish my goals is if I choose to let my circumstances, or people stop me from completing my goals. When we come into a situation that takes us off course or takes us to a place that is full of self-doubt it’s up to us to get back on the right path.  We have to “Stay on Course” those were the words I heard from someone this past weekend who was going through something that was very unfortunate.

Not to make this too long this person who said those words “Stay on Course” had something very special planned with some really close friends, and for some reason those close friends turned out to be not so close and he was not able to go through with his (let’s say party) as planned. He had this party planned out for months and just a few days before the party was to take place he was told basically that there would not be party held in this particular place.

Most people would have been so angry and upset that they would have lost focus. My friend who “Stayed on Course” found another place that was even better than the 1st place, continued on with the plans as if nothing ever got in the way, and the party was a success.

I share this issue to let the world know that we are the only ones who hinder our goals. It doesn’t matter if something comes up and gets in the way of our goals, or if people who we thought were our close friends turn out to be frenemies, all we have to do is buckle down and find a new solution, or a new path and continue on with what we had started in the beginning.

These are all lessons and tests to see how much we really want to accomplish our goals. If a person really wants something they will go out of their way to make it happen. This past weekend was an amazing experience and it taught me so much. Whenever something gets in my way of accomplishing anything I will never forget those words “Stay on Course”.

I’d like to think that this will help many out there to know that the strength to do anything lies within you. Keep it pushing, Never Give up, and know that you are the Controller, and Creator of your Reality.

Until my next post “Stay On Course” J


Dawn Williams


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