Always Stay On Your Course…..and Make it Happen!

Take another path…. When we come into a roadblock what should we do? Should we wait for the roadblock to clear then continue moving on our path? Or should we just find another route and continue on our journey. I think most of you know that the latter is the best decision to make, but I just had to ask the two questions anyway to make a person think and know that there is always another choice to make or another road to take to get to our destination.

I’ve been growing over the last few months and seeing that the only way for me to not accomplish my goals is if I choose to let my circumstances, or people stop me from completing my goals. When we come into a situation that takes us off course or takes us to a place that is full of self-doubt it’s up to us to get back on the right path.  We have to “Stay on Course” those were the words I heard from someone this past weekend who was going through something that was very unfortunate.

Not to make this too long this person who said those words “Stay on Course” had something very special planned with some really close friends, and for some reason those close friends turned out to be not so close and he was not able to go through with his (let’s say party) as planned. He had this party planned out for months and just a few days before the party was to take place he was told basically that there would not be party held in this particular place.

Most people would have been so angry and upset that they would have lost focus. My friend who “Stayed on Course” found another place that was even better than the 1st place, continued on with the plans as if nothing ever got in the way, and the party was a success.

I share this issue to let the world know that we are the only ones who hinder our goals. It doesn’t matter if something comes up and gets in the way of our goals, or if people who we thought were our close friends turn out to be frenemies, all we have to do is buckle down and find a new solution, or a new path and continue on with what we had started in the beginning.

These are all lessons and tests to see how much we really want to accomplish our goals. If a person really wants something they will go out of their way to make it happen. This past weekend was an amazing experience and it taught me so much. Whenever something gets in my way of accomplishing anything I will never forget those words “Stay on Course”.

I’d like to think that this will help many out there to know that the strength to do anything lies within you. Keep it pushing, Never Give up, and know that you are the Controller, and Creator of your Reality.

Until my next post “Stay On Course” J


Dawn Williams


List Building and Email Marketing….What’s the big deal?

What do you know about having an Online Business and how to make and keep it successful?

I just had to jump right into this because I’m all about give you the information in full force I do not like sugar coating my messages & information. When I first got started in building a business online I was not so sure what list building was and how to even build a list. Then I heard the term Email marketing again I was not so sure what that entailed.

I’m very happy and proud to say that now today I know what List building & Email marketing is and how to help others to understand that not only are they two different words but they are also two different things all together.

When starting to build your business just know that it is not all about making money. Yes, we want to have a profit in the end, but having a business is all about helping others and sharing value with people who are truly serious about setting up a new online business. That is what is KEY helping and sharing valuable information so that others can succeed in this industry.

In the beginning I spoke on List Building & Email Marketing because I learn something new about this subject just about every day.

This may be a short post but I have as I plan to do every time I write a post, included a video with more information that you can check out below this post.

Today and everyday it is all about having a plan on how to build a successful business online. If you would like to get more information on what I have to share when it comes to building a successful business online just contact me I look forward to helping you build the business that you want to have in 2017!

Feel free to CLICK HERE to watch a video, and if you have any feedback or comments don’t be shy to leave a comment below.


Dawn Williams


Take Action Right Now!

Hello everyone it’s Dawn here…. I really missed posting to my blog these past few months… Those who know me know that in December my beloved mother passed away, so under those circumstances I had to take a break, get my mind right, and have some time to myself and think.

So not to make a long story long…lol I want to share with everyone how the LOA works. For those of you who do not know LOA = Law of Attraction. To be brief LOA is all about energy and if that enery that we have is focused on negative actions, thoughts, and visions then most likely that is what we will attract in our lives negative outcomes. With that being said like attracts like so what ever we want to accomplish in our life we have to have a positive outlook on our desires, then take ACTION!!

Action is key to everything that we do in this world if we are hungry and want something to eat we know that we have to put some form of food in our stomach so that we do not have that feeling of hunger.  So we just took action to find something to eat so that we are not hungry any longer (or at least for some time).

So the best way for me to explain how we should take ACTION!! in our daily goals is to remember that when we are hungry for food we have no problem finding something to eat so that feeling of hunger is no longer their. Its the same way when we want to reach for a goal, if we want to reach that goal we have to have a plan and take the steps that are going to get us there.

I’m a member of a team who does exactly that on a daily basis, we have a plan to build our business, and we follow the blueprint of that plan so we can accomplish what we set out for.  To find out more Click Here.

Below I have a video that I made yesterday explaining more on the LOA.  I look forward to bringing more value to this blog and helping others to succeed in their goals.

If you have any questions or feedback feel to leave a comment below.

Everyone have a great one!

Dawn Williams


What You Speak Will Come Into Existence

Hello everyone I’d like to think that everyone is having a great start of the week.  I know it’s been weeks since I posted on my new blog. Some will have to excuse me when it comes to posting on a daily basis, I will try to do my best to have a new post at least once a week.

With that much said I just want to come and let people know that when it comes to meeting and having a goal that goal has to be thought about and worked on every day.

I know that it may seem like it’s never going to come into manifestation or reality but that is what I call the test. When I feel like I’m putting in all of this work and I don’t see the results that I want I continue to work on it and keep any negative thoughts out of my mind.

How do I do that I just start thinking about that goal and picturing how my life is going to be, I think and feel like I have already accomplished my goal.


Like my mother always says not worth having comes easy.  So I just keep pushing and working like everything has already happen. It doesn’t help to put any added stress on ourselves just because our goal/dreams are not happening as quick as we would like.

What would be stressful is the action of giving up on those goals/dreams.

Like right now I’m putting in the effort and writing this post not just for myself but for anyone who may be having a difficult time accomplishing their goals.

Every “Law of Attraction” material I’ve ever read or listened to always mentions that when you speak out to the Universe and say or tell what you want to happen in our lives that it is already yours.


It doesn’t matter how long it takes, and we should not sit and wonder how it’s going to happen, just trust, know, and believe that it will happen (regardless of any circumstances).

Ok this is Dawn didn’t want this to be too long just wanted to stick to my guns and stay consistent on building a successful blog.

I’ve included a short video I made yesterday  some what related to this blog.

If anyone has any comments or feedback they would like to share just leave in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading and I will be back soon.


Dawn Williams



Welcome to Dawn Williams’s Blog

Hello everyone I just wanted to give an official “Welcome” to Dawn Williams’s Blog. As mentioned before this blog is going to be focused on personal development, motivational skill, and different ways of how to be successful when building an Online Business.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to sharing valuable information with you that will help you to accomplish your goals, and give you some new insight on how to actually become successful at your goals.


What is this Blog All About Dawn?

Mostly I will be keeping those who I come in contact with different ways of being successful when it comes to your goals that you want to accomplish, and several ways I am earning an income from home. I will also share my day to day journeys.  This blog is going to be true and not so technical. Just keeping it real and being my true self.

I’ve had other blogs and sites but they did not do so well because I was just blogging to get notice by google so my page would be ranked.

When all I was thinking about was keywords, and being ranked by google it made things very difficult. I felt like I was writing for my college thesis or something.

Not this time I will be blogging about what I want the way I want. Not to be too harsh to anyone but if you think my blog is not professional enough for you well there are plenty of blogs out there for you to visit.

With that much said I welcome you to Dawn Williams’s Wisdom and look forward to growing with everyone here.

Have a wonderful and beautiful day. 🙂


Me and my son Kajuan having a great day in beautiful NYC,

Me and my son Kajuan having a great day in beautiful NYC,


What is Your Story Dawn?

Hello Everyone it’s Dawn Williams here I just wanted to make a quick post.

To start off I would like to introduce myself to you. If you don’t know yet my name is Dawn and I grew up in the beautiful state of New York in several different counties.

Now I’m sure some of you must want to know more about my experience with Network & Internet Marketing. Well back in 2008 I got my first start with marketing online, and I was really happy to be a part of the industry, but I just did not know what I was really doing. I had come into the Internet Marketing industry with blinders on, and got caught up with the get rich quick schemes, and making large sums of money overnight syndrome.

So when all I was doing was throwing money at every new site left and right with no profit in return because of having my false analogy of getting rich overnight I just decided to give my full attention to being an employee and working a 9-5 job again.

But the thought of being a full-time Entrepreneur in Network Marketing never left my subconscious. So I am back again for the long haul with a new mind set on how this industry works, and I’m so excited and ready to build a team of successful marketers who are not going to get caught up in being rich overnight.

If you are reading this it’s because you may have an interest in getting into the industry of Marketing Online. Online marketing is more than just making money it’s about helping others, getting training, and being persistence with building your business.

I’m not going to go too deep into the industry just yet, but I had to let you know that the industry of Internet Marketing is a great career to have, and just like with any other career it may take some time to see the results from all of your work and efforts.

With that much said, once again I’m very happy to have you here reading my new blog. If there is anything that you need to ask me I can be contacted by you leaving me a comment and I will get back to you.

Talk to you soon & Much Success!